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It’s not often that your Kenworth truck needs fixing, but even the best trucks sometimes need a reset after years of hard work and wear and tear. So when you need used Kenworth parts and you need them now, you can count on Active Truck Parts for all of your needs. Wherever you are, we can get you your parts fast. Call today to get started: 877-337-8695.

Even Kenworth trucks suffer wear and tear

You may have been caught in the debate on whether Kenworth is the better truck. We understand. Quality is harder to come by these days. But you can rest assured that your Kenworth truck – whatever its age – has been made with care and devotion to a quality brand. A company like Kenworth doesn’t get to be 100 years old by being average, so you know you have a sound investment with this truck. Kenworth has built a reputation through the years for being able to last. With its PACCAR-built durability, the company celebrated building 750,000 Kenworth trucks in 2023.

Whether you are working with one of the newer models, like Kenworth’s first 15-liter natural gas-powered truck that was just delivered to UPS, or your Kenworth has been through some decades, you know that you have good bones on this ride.

That matters because you want this investment to last a long time, from the start of your career to the end. At Active Truck Parts, we understand drivers and their trucks are a bonded pair. When one breaks down, it is hard to recover. So we try to make it easier for drivers of all types of trucks. We supply drivers of all kinds of medium- and heavy-duty trucks with sound parts that will help get them on the road much faster. With recent auto parts shortage issues, getting parts to consumers faster puts shops like Active Truck Parts at a premium.

We will get you the parts you need — fast

We have been providing quality-used Kenworth parts to drivers for more than 40 years. In these difficult financial times, buying new may not always be affordable. That is why you can find a plethora of used parts by Kenworth here at Active Truck Parts. We’ve been stocking parts of all kinds in that time and meticulously collecting them throughout our 40-acre yard. Whether you need brake pads, a clutch, headlights or fenders, or any other part, you will likely find your Kenworth truck’s match here. If we do not have it, we also will track down our ready network of expert sources, and we will ship your parts to you.

Trust our rebuild team to work for you

Better yet, when you find used Kenworth parts from Active Truck Parts, you know that you will get a clean, quality rebuild if necessary. We have expanded our team in recent years to include a new rebuild department with a team dedicated to ensuring the used parts that we ship are quality and completed with care to get you back on the road faster. We also have a new shop to install the parts. Here is a look at our shop, inside and out.

Active Truck Parts will ship your used Kenworth parts all over the world

Do not worry about your location. Active Truck Parts is conveniently located in the center of America. So you can roll through here on a big cross-country job, or scroll through our online parts inventory while you travel. You can order the parts you need online, and we will ship them to whatever destination you desire – even across the globe. But please understand that shipping costs can vary. While we can control the prices of your quality used parts, some costs are out of our control. 

7 reasons you can rely on used Kenworth parts

Here’s a rundown of why trusting used Kenworth parts is a smart move when your truck hits a bump in the road:

  1. Quality Assurance: Kenworth parts are built to last, and that durability doesn’t vanish when they’re used. These parts have already proven their mettle on the road, so you can trust that they’ll keep your truck running smoothly.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Let’s face it, truck repairs can put a dent in your wallet. Opting for used Kenworth parts is a savvy way to save some cash without sacrificing quality. You get top-notch performance at a fraction of the cost of new parts.
  3. Compatibility Guaranteed: Kenworth trucks are known for their reliability and consistency. When you choose used Kenworth parts, you can be confident that they’ll fit your truck like a glove, ensuring a seamless repair process without any headaches.
  4. Sustainability: Going green is more than just a trend – it’s a responsibility. By opting for used parts, you’re giving them a second life and reducing waste. It’s a win-win for your wallet and the planet.
  5. Proven Performance: Kenworth parts have already proven themselves in the field, so you know what you’re getting. You can trust that these parts will deliver the same level of performance and reliability as their brand-new counterparts.
  6. Readily Available: When your truck breaks down, you need a solution fast. Luckily, used Kenworth parts are readily available, especially at Active Truck Parts, making it easy to get your truck back on the road in no time. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to smooth sailing.
  7. Expert Support: Kenworth dealerships and service centers are staffed by experts who know these trucks inside and out. When you choose used Kenworth parts, you’re not just getting a part – you’re getting the support and expertise of a dedicated team that is committed to keeping you rolling.

So, next time your truck breaks down, don’t sweat it. Trusting used Kenworth parts is a smart choice that’ll get you back on the road with confidence.

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