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Imagine how big our landfills would be if we didn’t have salvage yards. Call them junkyards or scrap yards, they help take the pressure off our landfills by serving as a source of recycling material. When you are ready to reduce your carbon footprint as a U.S. trucker, you can easily go green — buy used semi truck parts. Call Active Truck Parts at 877-337-8695 to get started on your mission toward sustainability today.

When it’s time to go green — buy used semi truck parts

We have all hit a point in our lives when we want to make some kind of difference. As a truck driver, you are helping supply the country with the goods they need. As a heavy-duty truck driver, you may be helping keep America’s infrastructure safe and reducing the need for foreign investments such as oil. As a heavy- or medium-duty truck driver, your job is important — you mean something to our economy. But if it weighs on your mind that your big truck is not as environmentally friendly as you would like, you can go green — buy used semi truck parts when the time comes to replace them.

The beauty of a salvage or junkyard is that the parts are there, waiting for the picking, like ripe apple trees ready to provide. At Active Truck Parts, we have collected, inventoried, and maintained the most comprehensive list of semi-truck and other medium- and heavy-duty truck parts for more than 40 years. We honor this credo: go green — buy used semi truck parts. We are under strict guidelines to ensure our inventory does not pollute groundwater. We do this by emptying the vehicles’ fluids. When our team pulls parts from our trucks, they take the time to ensure they are in the best condition possible for our customers. Our rebuild team takes pride in ensuring the parts they refurbish are their best versions before they ever leave our doors. 

We practice the art of sustainability every day

By keeping old trucks in our yard, we are not only saving landfills from getting much larger. As one of many semi truck salvage yards, we also are doing our part for the environment by reducing the need for new part manufacturing, which uses a lot of our fossil fuels. Even though trucks are “totaled” by insurance agencies or retired by their fleets, their remaining parts are in good condition. Re-using parts is one of the best ways to keep your truck running and get it back on the road faster. Just search for “used semi truck parts near me.”

Ordering new parts is not only expensive but these days, it takes a lot of time. There continue to be supply chain issues as a residual effect of the pandemic. Coming to our 40-acre yard is an easy way to uncover the parts you need – fast. The simplest way to go green — buy used semi truck parts. If you can’t make it in person, you can request parts online, or search our parts inventory.  We will ship parts anywhere as well.

At Active Truck Parts, we appreciate when you go green — buy used semi truck parts because that means we are all working together to improve the world. We are proud members of Colorado Automotive Recyclers and the Automotive Recyclers Association.

7 easy ways to lessen your truck-driving footprint

Here are seven ways truckers can contribute to environmental conservation:

  1. Optimize Driving Habits: Truckers can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by adopting eco-friendly driving habits, such as maintaining a steady speed, avoiding aggressive acceleration and braking, and reducing idling time.
  2. Regular Vehicle Maintenance: Keeping trucks well-maintained ensures that they run efficiently and produce fewer emissions. This includes regular engine tune-ups, checking tire pressure, and maintaining proper fluid levels. Or, you can simply go green — buy used semi truck parts.
  3. Use of Alternative Fuels: Some trucking companies are exploring the use of alternative fuels like biodiesel or renewable diesel. Is it time for you to explore the use of alternative fuels?
  4. Reduce Idle Time: Minimizing idling time can help conserve fuel and reduce emissions. Truckers can turn off their engines during rest breaks or when waiting for extended periods, using auxiliary power units (APUs) or shore power instead.
  5. Load Optimization: Properly loading trucks to distribute weight evenly and avoid unnecessary trips with empty trailers can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions per ton of cargo transported.
  6. Route Planning: Planning efficient routes can help truckers avoid congestion, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize emissions. Utilizing GPS navigation systems or route optimization software can help identify the most eco-friendly routes.
  7. Support Sustainable Practices: Truckers can choose to work for companies that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, such as those with fuel-efficient fleets, carbon offset programs, or eco-friendly supply chain practices.

These strategies can help truckers play a strong role in reducing the environmental impact of the trucking industry. When you decide to go green — buy used semi truck parts.

5-star reviews of our service and selection

Not everyone realizes how easy it is. One simple way to go green — buy used semi truck parts. And maybe not all of our clients are thinking about that when they are in a bind and need truck parts to get back on the road and make a living. But we know. We understand that all of our customers contribute to this mission. And we are grateful for our five-star reviews, like these:

“Lou was the best. The company has everything and at reasonable prices, 4 thumbs up 👍👍👍👍” — Richard O.

“Bought a flywheel here saved my day and my customer money.” — Adan G.

“Had what I was looking for and probably have what you’re looking for too.” — Mike R.

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