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When you drive a semi-truck for a living, you not only get the freedom of being on the road, and the joy of seeing new places, but you also have the awesome responsibility to model safety for other drivers. As a high-profile vehicle, your actions on the road can hurt or harm the industry. So if your truck is not in the best of shape, you could be a tragedy waiting to happen if you haven’t kept up with regular maintenance. When you look for parts for semi trucks like yours, you know the place to go is Active Truck Parts in Colorado. Call us today for all of your parts needs: 877-337-8695.

In 2019, one of the worst trucking accidents occurred in Colorado when a semi truck’s brakes failed coming out of the mountains into Denver. The semi careened into already stalled traffic, causing a fiery crash that killed four people and injured six others. The crash involved 30 cars and grabbed headlines for the next several months. The 26-year-old driver of that truck was eventually sentenced to 110 years in prison. That sentence was later commuted to 10 years, but had the truck’s brakes been maintained better, this tragedy may never have happened.

Spare parts for semi trucks may help drivers stay safe on the road

When semi trucks are in collisions, an overwhelming 71% of the injuries are to people in other vehicles, according to in a report analyzing 2022 accident statistics. reports that improper maintenance can lead to brake failure, tire blowouts, steering issues in which the driver loses control, and other safety failures, all of which all can contribute to accidents on the road. 

A clear way to avoid some of that is to have spare parts for semi trucks available and on your truck, but also at arm’s reach. At Active Truck Parts, you can search for the parts for semi trucks, including aftermarket parts for semi trucks, online, while you are on the road. Located in almost the exact center of the United States, our lot is easy to find on your way across the country. Search for what you need through our website, or request a specific part. If we don’t have the part you request, we will find it for you and have it ready when you need it. And, we also will ship parts to you anywhere you need. Just do a quick search for “parts for semi trucks” or “semi truck spare parts near me.”

We work to ensure we have parts for semi trucks you need

At Active Truck Parts, we have been salvaging parts from heavy and medium-duty trucks for more than 40 years. We have a meticulous inventory of parts on our 40-acre lot. If you need it, chances are we have it, and it doesn’t matter what type of truck. We have them all, and all from a variety of years. In recent years, we have advanced our services to include an excellent rebuild team to ensure that all the parts that come out of our yard are delivered to the customer in the best condition possible. We also have an enclosed shop to have those parts installed. And, if you break down on the road as you get closer to us, chances are, we can get our 24-hour team to you to deliver and install the parts you need. 

7 early warning signs your truck may need some love

Trucks don’t normally just break down without some early indicators. Here are seven early warning signs that your semi-truck might need new parts:

  1. Decreased Performance: If you notice a decrease in power, acceleration, or fuel efficiency, it could be a sign that certain parts, such as fuel injectors, turbochargers, or air filters, are worn out and need replacement.
  2. Unusual Noises: Strange noises like knocking, rattling, or whining coming from the engine, transmission, or other components could indicate worn-out bearings, belts, or other moving parts that need attention.
  3. Vibrations or Shaking: Excessive vibrations or shaking while driving could be a sign of worn-out suspension components, such as bushings, shocks, or springs, or potentially issues with the drivetrain or wheel bearings.
  4. Fluid Leaks: Leaking fluids, such as oil, coolant, or hydraulic fluid, under the truck or around the engine compartment, could indicate worn-out seals, gaskets, hoses, or other components that need replacement.
  5. Warning Lights: Pay attention to warning lights on the dashboard, such as check engine lights, ABS warning lights, or low oil pressure indicators, as they could signal underlying issues with various components that require attention.
  6. Irregular Brake Performance: If you notice changes in brake pedal feel, longer stopping distances, or squealing noises when applying the brakes, it could indicate worn-out brake pads, rotors, calipers, or brake lines that need replacement.
  7. Increased Exhaust Emissions: Excessive smoke or emissions coming from the exhaust could indicate issues with the engine, such as worn-out piston rings, valves, or injectors, or problems with emission control systems that require replacement parts.

These early warning signs can help you identify potential issues with your semi-truck before they escalate into more serious problems, allowing you to address them promptly and avoid costly breakdowns on the road.

Customers give us five stars regularly

We have several customers who count on us to provide them with parts for semi trucks. Many of them thank us for our service with five-star reviews, such as these: 

“Drove over 24 Hours To Get There John and his staff were great, and accommodating. Some of the most down to earth, great people I’ve met!” — Lenny Hayes

“Great parts place for big trucks! They’ve been in business there 42 years. Very friendly staff, Ryan was very helpful getting the right parts I needed and Lou was great to wheel with at the front desk. I definitely recommend for any big truck parts you may need!” — Josh Benjamin

“Had what I was looking for and probably have what you’re looking for too.” — Mike Ramos

Active Truck Parts is conveniently located three miles north of Hudson off of Interstate 76 and east of Platteville off of U.S. 85 in Northern Colorado. We are only 37 minutes from Denver. Situated on 40 acres, we have the region’s largest inventory of used parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks. We sell and recycle used and new medium and heavy-duty truck parts, and we also sell used vehicles and equipment, make general and major repairs, make truck modifications and fabrication, install truck equipment and stock thousands of aftermarket parts. We deal in KW, Pete, Freightliner, Volvo, Ford, GM, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mack, Sterling, and more! We ship our used heavy truck parts anywhere in the world. We’ve been getting our customers back on the road for 40 years. Call today: 877-337-8695.