Heavy Truck Parts For Sale

Heavy Truck Parts For Sale

When your rig or heavy-duty truck starts to sputter, or the rust has eaten into the fender beyond your comfort level, it is time to look for heavy truck parts for sale at Active Truck Parts. For the last 40-plus years, we have meticulously collected, categorized, and inventoried every possible truck part our customers may need. Call us today: 877-337-8695.

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Trust Active when you seek heavy truck parts for sale

We understand the heavy industry that keeps America running, churning out business for our economy to continue. We supply heavy truck parts for sale across the globe. As the center of the oil field and trucking industry in Colorado, our yard is sure to contain everything you need for either your rebuild or your patchwork project to keep your truck or fleet on the road. Just do a quick search for “semi truck salvage near me” or “semi truck junkyard near me.”

When the supply chain doesn’t supply so well

Not all truck parts are readily available, or easy to find. With supply chain disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic, it still might take a long time to find new parts for your truck, keeping you from your business. Likewise, if the cost of new parts is more than you bargained for, we have you covered. At Active Truck Parts, we know our inventory, and we can connect you with the right heavy truck parts for sale. We have our parts down to the fine details. You can easily look up parts in our system online. You can search by the part alone, or filter down by the year, model, manufacturer, and even sort by price. If you do not see a part you need, don’t fret. Go to our parts request form to connect with us and we will work hard to find what you need — we’ll even ship it to you where you are. Here is a helpful article from TruckNews.com about how trucking companies are dealing with supply chain issues. 

The creative workaround to new, expensive truck parts

When you are working on a truck that has special needs or the cost of new parts is out of the question, it is time to get creative. But don’t get discouraged if your needed parts seem too specialized. When you search our heavy truck parts for sale, we have you covered from sensors to gauges, to DEF injectors to the big stuff like frames, bodies, beds, tires and grills. The good thing about a salvage yard is that we save the good items off of junked-out trucks that are either decommissioned, crashed, or no longer operable. And just because certain parts don’t work, it doesn’t mean that all of the parts are in the same condition. Better yet, we have an expert rebuild department to inspect, rebuild and ensure the part we send you will work and give your heavy-duty truck a much longer life. After all, you need to stay in business, or on the road, to keep your industry moving forward. Just think of us when you need heavy truck parts for sale.

7 odd parts problems that can go wrong in big rigs

Here are seven oddball issues that heavy-duty trucks might encounter, requiring less common parts, that you can find in Active Truck Parts’ inventory of heavy truck parts for sale:

  1. Broken Turbocharger Actuator: The turbocharger actuator controls the boost pressure in the engine. If it malfunctions, it can cause erratic engine performance, reduced power, or even complete failure.
  2. Faulty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Temperature Sensor: A malfunctioning DPF temperature sensor can lead to improper regeneration cycles, causing excessive soot buildup and potentially triggering engine warning lights.
  3. Damaged DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Injector: DEF injectors are crucial for reducing emissions in modern diesel engines. If one fails, it can lead to increased emissions, reduced engine performance, and potential compliance issues.
  4. Faulty Engine Oil Cooler: An engine oil cooler failure can result in overheating of the engine oil, leading to accelerated wear and potential engine damage if not addressed promptly.
  5. Malfunctioning Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Position Sensor: The EGR valve recirculates a portion of the exhaust gas back into the engine for emission control. If the position sensor fails, it can cause improper exhaust gas recirculation, leading to performance issues and increased emissions.
  6. Broken Air Dryer Cartridge: The air dryer cartridge is essential for removing moisture and contaminants from the compressed air system. If it becomes clogged or damaged, it can lead to moisture buildup in the air system, causing brake issues and potentially damaging other components.
  7. Faulty Electronic Control Module (ECM) Relay: The ECM relay supplies power to the electronic control module, which controls various engine functions. A malfunctioning ECM relay can result in intermittent or complete loss of engine power, erratic behavior, and difficulty starting the engine.

These are just a few examples of less common issues that heavy-duty trucks may encounter, highlighting the importance of having access to a diverse range of heavy truck parts for sale to address them effectively. 

Whatever industry you work for, you can expect Active Truck Parts to be able to help connect you with the parts you need for all heavy-duty trucks, including bucket trucks, tanker trucks, delivery trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks, and tractor-trailers. We are your local experts for medium and heavy truck parts for sale of all makes and models. We’ll go the extra mile to satisfy your request. You can visit us in person, or you can find us online to get the heavy truck parts for sale you need — fast. 

What our customers say about Active Truck Parts 

We are grateful for the opportunity to please our customers, who often thank us for our hard work with five-star reviews, such as these:

“Great parts place for big trucks! They’ve been in business there for 42 years. Very friendly staff, Ryan was very helpful in getting the right parts I needed and Lou was great to wheel with at the front desk. I definitely recommend for any big truck parts you may need!” — Joshua Benjamin

“Active Truck Parts in Hudson, Colo., have truly added value to their ‘used truck parts’ operations. This 40+ years old family business is making it easier for truck owners to source used, heavy-duty, and aftermarket truck parts online. Without the stress of phoning or running inventory searches online, truck owners and repair shops can telephone directly or ‘chat’ online with an Active truck parts specialist. From Hudson, Colo., they serve not just Colorado but have shipped truck parts globally.” — Greg Johnson

“This is my go-to place. It has changed from the last time I was here but the folks are always accommodating.. they have also added more products in the showroom to help out the oil field folks I will always come back.” — Gary Sandquist

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Active Truck Parts is conveniently located three miles north of Hudson off of Interstate 76 and east of Platteville off of U.S. 85 in Northern Colorado. We are only 37 minutes from Denver. Situated on 40 acres, we have the region’s largest inventory of used parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks. We sell and recycle used and new medium and heavy-duty truck parts, and we also sell used vehicles and equipment, make general and major repairs, make truck modifications and fabrication, install truck equipment and stock thousands of aftermarket parts. We deal in KW, Pete, Freightliner, Volvo, Ford, GM, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mack, Sterling, and more! We ship our used heavy truck parts anywhere in the world. We’ve been getting our customers back on the road for 40 years. Call today: 877-337-8695.