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Increasing support for environmentally healthy practices has caused complexity within the truck part industry. The harmful impact of manufacturing and disposing of new parts offers a compelling reason to pursue alternative methods for truck part replacement.  If your instinct is to do a Google search for “healthy environment quality parts,” you have come to the right place. Call today: 877-337-8695.

Equipping your truck with recycled parts offers a solution to this dilemma. The used truck part recycling process omits harmful environmental practices and follows strict standards and processes to ensure affordable recycled truck parts that are able to maintain the quality, durability, and effectiveness of new parts. The result? Money-saving alternatives to new parts that protect and sustain the planet.

Searching for ‘healthy environment quality parts’? You’ve come to the right place

So how is it that a business with 40 acres of used truck parts laid out in meticulous order can be considered a place where “healthy environment quality parts” makes sense? As heavy truck recyclers, we adhere to strict standards to ensure that liquids from the tanks of these vehicles are drained so they do not seep into the ground and potentially taint precious groundwater. We take that job seriously since we live here too. 

But more than that, as truck recyclers we are doing a small part in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint. We, and many other truck and vehicle salvage yards across the United States, do that by reducing the industry’s need to make more parts. Today’s vehicles are made with materials that can be recycled and reused, reducing the need to make more rubber or metal products, as well as other types of materials. By reducing the need to make more, there are clear effects on the environment. Simply by recycling parts, there is less need for steel, aluminum and plastic to be produced. As an example, for every pound of steel produced, 1.85 pounds of carbon dioxide is emitted, according to Auto Recycling World. According to World Auto Steel, steel is 100% percent recyclable, and by recycling steel alone, it saves enough energy to power 18 million households a year.

When salvage yards get vehicles to recycle, the liquids are drained, and other hazardous materials are removed. Our workers then dismantle the truck to salvage practically every usable part, from fenders and tires to seats and truck beds, and everything in between. Those parts are meticulously categorized, cleaned, and refurbished if need be, and are put on shelves as if they are new. At Active Truck Parts, we have a strong and dedicated team to rebuild parts to superior standards. We make sure the parts that leave our facility are in excellent working condition.

Searching for ‘healthy environment quality parts’ is your first step toward sustainability

As a trucker, you’ve probably long since gone paperless. So you’re saving trees. You may even make a decent impact by recycling your plastics and aluminum cans while you work. But one of the biggest impacts on the environment you can make is by purchasing used and recycled truck parts when you need them. When you choose recycled truck parts at Active Truck Parts, we make sure you get quality. Good quality means following industry standards for rebuilds; it means parts are cleaned and maintained in working condition. What better way to keep your truck on the road longer than by replacing used and worn-out parts with recycled ones that will work perfectly well in your vehicle? 

With inflation hitting consumers at every turn, you as a truck driver aren’t being spared from increasing costs of food, diesel, and maintenance. If you are like many who are trying to extend the life of their trucks, finding recycled and rebuilt parts will help not only with your environmental impact but also your pocketbook.

As a truck driver, you are working your ride harder than any other vehicle you have used. The truck hauls thousands of pounds across however many miles you travel, which will wear down your truck’s parts faster than normal. If you were to buy brand-new parts at every turn, you would likely lose in the end. With our guarantees, maybe now is the time to search for “healthy environment quality parts” to get into some savings — even while you are on the road. 

Get to know how truck parts recycling works

Check out this brief guide to learn more about the process of truck part recycling, and gain key insights into the value of recycled parts:

Rebuilding Parts: Many truck parts, including certain transmissions, are not available directly from any new truck part manufacturers. They only come new within the trucks themselves, which is why rebuilt parts are important. Recycled transmissions are disassembled, inspected, repaired, and reassembled according to the factory specifications of the original manufacturer. They are then equipped with new clutches, gaskets, bands and seals and then ready for installation. This process of recycling truck part ensures both high-quality and affordable truck parts without sacrificing the health of the environment. A quick search for “healthy environment quality parts” will get you to our website,

Engine Oil: Engine oil is a leading contaminant in soil, groundwater, streams, rivers, and other bodies of water. The best place to dispose of engine oil is your neighbourhood collection center. Fully equipped with all the gadgets and gizmos, these centers ensure that best practices are used and municipal guidelines are met. Once properly disposed and tested for performance, the engine oil can be collected and reused at maximum levels of effectiveness.

Oil Filters: Like many other everyday filters, oil filters can be easily recycled if disposed of properly. Oil filters are made with three primary items: paper, steel, and plastic. Each of these resources can be effectively recycled, refined, and repurposed when properly handled by the facilities that recycle engine oil. As with the recycled truck parts mentioned above, these processes are designed to ensure the maintained quality and efficiency of each recycled filter. Choosing to recycle and purchase recycled truck parts creates a sustainable cycle of high-quality, money saving truck parts that protect the environment. Click here to learn more about the advantages of recycled truck parts, and how Active Truck Parts can get you back on the road faster. Don’t forget to search for “healthy environment quality parts.”

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