Finding the Perfect Truck Parts


Used truck parts are an affordable alternative to replacing truck parts in your medium to large-sized trucks. These parts provide the durability, quality, and effectiveness necessary to keep your truck running efficiently while keeping money in your wallet. The recycled truck part market also offers a wide range of possibilities and selections, making it easier to obtain the perfect replacement parts for your truck. But before beginning your search, here’s a quick breakdown of the different types of used parts on the market today:

OEM partsOEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer truck parts are new or used parts that are manufactured by the same manufacturer as the truck. The manufacturing process and materials are identical to those of the original part. The primary advantage of an OEM part is a guaranteed and genuine fit – a perfect pairing straight from truck heaven. These parts are certified as high-quality and boast proven performance due to their source and production methods.

OE parts: Often confused with OEM parts, OE or Original Equipment truck parts, are also from the same manufacturer as the truck. These are generally cheaper, however, as the manufacturer subcontracts the manufacturing while overseeing the assembly. These have the same quality as OEM truck parts but with a smaller price tag- sweet music to your wallet’s ears.

Aftermarket parts: The cheapest and most accessible new truck parts are aftermarket truck parts. These neither originate nor are assembled by the manufacturer, but are built to fit- and last. The design of aftermarket parts is an exact replica of the OEM and OE parts that originally came with the truck. These are generally more affordable when buying new, due to the number of manufacturers involved in the process. These truck parts are also readily available as they are carried by many dealers.

Easily accessible, certified as reliable, durable, and high-quality, with the added advantage of affordability, these aftermarket truck parts are tough to beat. A level of assuredness is associated with OEM and OE parts but aftermarket truck parts can meet and even exceed the quality and functionality of original manufacturer truck parts.

Active Truck Parts has some of the largest stock of aftermarket parts in the Rocky Mountain region, including hoods, bumpers, down to door handles, headlights, and more. Our facility boasts tens of thousands of verified truck parts in inventory.  Click HERE to browse our inventory.

We pride ourselves on fast service that caters to our customers immediate and long-term needs. We understand the importance of reliable, properly functioning parts with the apparent conflict of a new truck parts price tag, so we offer our clients a variety of quality truck parts at reasonable prices. From high-quality aftermarket parts to used OEM from our specialized division, we have a range of options for you to choose from based on your budget and needs.

With over 40 years of experience in meeting and exceeding client’s needs, we know how to provide the perfect replacement parts for your truck. With top-shelf quality and performance, recycled truck parts from Active Truck Parts are the affordable solution to getting your truck back on the road faster.