Finding Your Parts in Search Engines


The internet is an ever-changing and ever-growing source of knowledge–a great compliment to the ever-changing and ever-growing trucking industry.  In taking advantage of the internet, when it comes to searching for parts, there is a learning curve that comes in searching in a way that will maximize the helpful results and eventual resolution of your issue.

One hint–when using a search engine like Google, for example–is to search using the 2- 4 most important terms that your search involves.  For example, if I’m trying to find out what an EPG Valve is for a Volvo VED12 engine, I would probably start with searching “EPG Valve Volvo”.  The results will, much of the time, produce content referring to the keywords I am searching; and since these were the most important keywords, that content will likely produce a correct answer for me.

Many are catching onto the fact that typing in a part number may automatically produce the exact result you had hoped for.  However, sometimes specificity in search engine searches can be misleading.  Let’s take a Ford Part number for a pitman arm as an example. Let’s say your mechanic is quickly told that he needs a steering part with part number, E8HT-3590-EB, but neither the mechanic nor the driver looking at the part physically, knows what it’s called.  You may have no clue where to start!  Knowing the truck is a Ford (if you would play along), you might initially assume it to be a Ford part number.  So, you can save money and go find used; but what part will you ask for when calling around?  So, you start with Google’ing the part, and typing in “E8HT-3590-EB”.  Now, if this is a good Ford part number, AND there is some type of demand and/or supply for this part, you should get some GREAT results.  Heck, you might even find us halfway down that results page, showing we have the part!  Helpful and resolved!

HERE is where you can get into some real trouble with using specific part numbers, and then I’ll close this scenario with a solution!  Say the driver and mechanic gave you the incomplete number of EHT-3590-EB.  Try searching THAT number.  In most cases, since the part number is off, your results are skewed, and you have quickly hit a dead end in your Google search!  THIS is where broad searches of 2-4 relevant keywords come in handy.  The best search scenario would be to type the part number EHT-3590-EB (though incorrect, its all you have); but then to think of other great keywords to go along with it.  Let’s try “EHT-3590-EB Ford steering”  (since we know its a component of the steering assembly).  This type of search will put you right back in the vicinity of very helpful answers!  In the end, it’s about giving a search engine two or more chances with different critical keywords until you find the results you were hoping for!  Remember, Broad Key Words!

We hope you can take this information, and find your parts quicker!  On our end, we are always improving the information that we think might match most of your searches when it comes to truck parts!  If you’d liked this, follow us on Facebook!