Used Semi Truck Parts

Used Semi Truck Parts

If you have been driving for a few years, you have likely felt the intense truck parts shortage across the globe since the pandemic. Regardless of how it happened, you don’t want to be left high and dry if another shortage occurs in the future. And luckily, you found Active Truck Parts by searching for “Used Semi Truck Parts.” We have been putting semi-drivers back on the road for more than 40 years. Call today to check out our inventory. 877-337-8695.

If demand for used semi truck parts overcomes the supply

A major semi-truck supply shortage occurred during the pandemic in 2020, but many in the industry say shortages began happening years prior when manufacturers changed their business models in the name of efficiency. Industry insiders said that semi-truck manufacturers no longer stockpiled parts in warehouses. Instead, manufacturers began ordering parts to complete their truck orders and only ordered parts from a single source. That helped them cut down on expenses. Read more about the origins here.

This situation for the most part has changed for the better. But with inflation and a global need for newer trucks off the line, it may be a while before you get that new truck you or your company have eyes on. Big truck salvage yards like Active Truck Parts can be a saving grace while you wait. We sell truck parts and have a heavy truck parts catalog of parts neatly warehoused on our 40-acre lot just 30 minutes northeast of Denver.

A pre-emptive strike — stockpile the parts you need from salvage

As a family-run business, we work hard to ensure our customers get the parts they need in the time they need them. We have upgraded our shops for rebuilding and cleaning parts, and we have a large shop in which to install those parts on your truck if need be. 

At Active Truck Parts, we have a massive inventory of used and new OEM parts, plus salvage parts for many older model trucks from Freightliner to Peterbilt and everything in between. Our trusted team performs general and major repairs, modifications and fabrication, and installs truck equipment. Check out our used semi truck parts inventory here. We also will ship all over the world.

Take note of 7 common headaches and stock up on used semi truck parts

If you are behind the wheel of a heavy-duty truck, you know the road isn’t always smooth. Here are seven common headaches you might run into, and, more importantly, a list of items to stock up on at Active Truck Parts near Denver.

  1. Engine Blues: Those big engines work hard, and sometimes they start acting up. You might deal with overheating on hot days or notice pesky oil leaks that just won’t quit.
  2. Brake Battles: When you’re hauling a heavy load, you need those brakes to be in top shape. But those brake pads and rotors can wear down fast, making it tough to come to a stop when you need to.
  3. Transmission Tussles: Shifting gears can get tricky in these big rigs. Your transmission might start playing hard to get, slipping gears or refusing to cooperate with the clutch.
  4. Tire Tangles: Big trucks mean big tires, and those babies can give you grief. You might experience blowouts, worn-out treads, and wobbly alignment, which isn’t a good mix when you’re on the road.
  5. Suspension Stresses: All that weight takes a toll on your suspension. Your shocks, springs, and bushings might wear out faster than you’d like, making your ride feel more like a roller coaster.
  6. Electrical Annoyances: Modern trucks are loaded with electronics, but they can be a headache. You might find yourself scratching your head over wonky wiring, sensors that don’t sense, and dashboard lights that just won’t quit.
  7. Thirsty Engines: Fuel isn’t cheap, and heavy-duty trucks can be real gas guzzlers. How you drive, how well your engine performs, and even the shape of your truck can all mess with your fuel efficiency.

Taking good care of your truck with regular TLC and keeping an eye out for these issues can help you avoid a lot of trouble. It is always a good idea to have spare parts on your rig. You can check out our parts inventory, or request a specific part through our website if you are driving through Colorado. We are located just a few miles east of Interstate 25 and U.S. 85.

We offer emergency roadside assistance as well

Of course, you can’t account for every mishap that can happen on the road, or when those mishaps will occur. And most definitely, they occur at the most inconvenient times.

Our dedicated team also can come to you (within reason) to help with repairs through our 24-hour emergency roadside service. When you need it, our guys will get there with a truck loaded with tools. If we can complete the work that is needed out in the field, we will! We also have a full-service shop, where we can perform most repairs and installations. Call our emergency line at (720) 730-9769.

What our valued customers say about our used semi truck parts

At Active Truck Parts, we know the value of customer service, and we have proudly served our customers with integrity for more than 40 years. We know the value of and we continue to be thankful for the five-star reviews they give us, like these: 

“Excellent prices and unbeatable service. Van body was installed on my truck within two hours, as estimated. Thank you guys!” — Vladimir K

“Great parts place for big trucks! They’ve been in business there for 42 years. Very friendly staff, Ryan was very helpful in getting the right parts I needed and Lou was great to wheel with at the front desk. I definitely recommend it for any big truck parts you may need!” — Joshua Benjamin

“Active Truck Parts in Hudson, Co have truly added value to their ‘used truck parts’ operations. This 40+-year-old family business is making it easier for truck owners to source used, heavy-duty, and aftermarket truck parts online. Without the stress of phoning or running inventory searches online, truck owners and repair shops can telephone directly or ‘chat’ online with an Active truck parts specialist. From Hudson, Co they serve not just Colorado but have shipped truck parts globally.” — Greg Johnson

Active Truck Parts is conveniently located three miles north of Hudson off of Interstate 76 and east of Platteville off of U.S. 85 in Northern Colorado. We are only 37 minutes from Denver. Situated on 40 acres, we have the region’s largest inventory of used parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks. We sell and recycle used and new medium and heavy-duty truck parts, and we also sell used vehicles and equipment, make general and major repairs, make truck modifications and fabrication, install truck equipment, and stock thousands of aftermarket parts. We deal in KW, Pete, Freightliner, Volvo, Ford, GM, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mack, Sterling, and more! We’ve been getting our customers back on the road for 40 years. Call today: 877-337-8695.