Truck Highlight: Kenworth


Since 1923, Kenworth has solidified itself as a market leader in the big rig truck industry. As designers of the first fire trucks and diesel engines, Kenworth has a rich history of truck design experience that has kept them ahead of the competition.

Kenworth Trucks

Kenworth’s latest truck releases are headlined by the T880 and T680 models. Both models come in three variations to suit driver’s needs. The T880 line features a 52” sleeper, a 40” sleeper, and a day cab. The T680 comes in a 76” mid-roof sleeper, a 52” mid-roof sleeper, and a day cab. Because of its superior performance, the T680 came away with the American Truck Drivers Commercial Truck of the Year award in 2013.


Kenworths are some of the most advanced trucks on the market. They are equipped with PACCAR engines, specifically the MX-13 (up to 510 hp and 1,850lbs. of torque) and the MX-11 (up to 430 hp and 1,650lbs. of torque). Also fitted with Kenworth Airglide™ rear suspensions, these trucks are specifically designed with drivers in mind.

Kenworth understands what makes drivers want to spend time inside of their truck. One of their hallmark offerings centers around the customization of truck interiors. An array of custom interior options and designs makes a Kenworth truck the ideal choice for comfort on those long cross-country hauls.

Customer Service

Along with top-of-the-line trucks, Kenworth also offers highly efficient customer service. Driving academies help drivers familiarize themselves with their trucks. TruckTech+ is an online tool used to help identify truck problems and provide the necessary resources to repair these issues. Kenworth trucks are also equipped with wireless communication technologies that provide drivers, dealers and fleet managers with the latest information about road and traffic conditions.

Kenworth’s history of excellence and proven product line place them as a top option for buyers seeking to upgrade their truck or fleet. Here at Active Truck Parts, we are proud to carry remanufactured and used Kenworth trucks and parts. Check out our Parts Page to browse our Kenworth inventory and take advantage of top-class products at an affordable price!