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Has that seat in your truck finally worn out its welcome? When it is time to find a better cushion for your tush, you, of course, want the best. But you also don’t want to break the bank while you’re driving on thin margins. If you think about it, you might want to try a place with used Kenworth parts. Why? Because Kenworth trucks are built for comfort, and their seats last. While you travel across the country, you can search Active Truck Parts in Colorado to find the perfect seat to make the rest of your hauls much more tolerable. Check out our inventory today.

Look for Kenworth parts to make your ride more comfortable

You would be amazed at the Kenworth parts we carry. We have trucks of all makes and models, but Kenworth is a popular American truck. When fleets retire and companies buy new, we acquire their trucks to sell quality Kenworth parts. That includes the parts Kenworth uses for a driver’s comfort – seats. 

Being on the road for up to 14 hours a day will take a toll on a driver’s physical condition, especially the back. That’s why many truck manufacturers work to provide more comfort in the seats. But those seats can wear over time and actually cause injury to a trucker’s back and neck if not replaced, according to Sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on the back, and in fact, a sedentary lifestyle is the cause of many back problems. According to UCLA Health, sitting in bad positions can do a lot of damage to a person’s back.

If you are in the market for a more comfortable seat for your truck, you can find a wide variety of them in our parts collection. Kenworth seats are built with the driver’s comfort in mind. But then again, all used or OEM parts will be a welcomed addition to your truck, enabling a better ride for you. 

Driving a truck across America is one of the most rewarding and responsible jobs there are. But you also want to ensure you can make the most of your truck driving days, and make them last. You might enjoy this article from Cota Systems dedicated to a driver’s comfort. When you drive for a living, Active Truck Parts is a key stop on your route to find the best Kenworth parts that will make your driving days easier.

7 reasons Kenworth trucks are worth buying

Here are seven solid reasons why Kenworth trucks hold their value, which is a strong reason to look for Kenworth parts when yours need replacing:

  1. Rock-Solid Reputation: Kenworth has been around for over a century, earning a rep for making tough, dependable trucks. That track record speaks volumes about their commitment to quality.
  2. Made Just for You: Kenworth lets you customize your truck to fit your exact needs. Whether it’s the cab style, engine power, or interior setup, you can make it yours.
  3. Always Pushing Forward: Kenworth stays ahead of the curve with the latest tech. Every year, they work hard to make their trucks better with fuel efficiency to safety. 
  4. Hold Their Value: Kenworth trucks tend to hold their value over time. That means when it’s time to sell or trade up, you’ll likely get a decent return on your investment.
  5. Comfort for the Long Haul: Kenworth trucks are designed with driver comfort in mind. With comfy seats, intuitive controls, and safety features, they make those long days on the road a little easier.
  6. Service Wherever You Go: Kenworth has a vast network of dealers and service centers, so you’re never far from expert help when you need it. And since Kenworth is such a trusted vehicle, you know Active Truck Parts will have a variety of spare or used Kenworth parts to get you back on the road. 
  7. Customers Stick Around: People who drive Kenworth trucks tend to stick with them. That loyalty speaks volumes about the value, performance, and satisfaction they deliver.

So, whether you’re a lone owner-operator or managing a fleet, there’s a lot to love about Kenworth trucks and Kenworth parts.

Search our inventory for any of your parts needs

When you think about the parts you need for your Kenworth truck, you will find a host of used Kenworth parts at Active Truck Parts. We have 77 pages of Kenworth parts, from engine assemblies to radiator shrouds and everything in between. Just search our parts inventory. Or, ask for a specific part through our parts request form. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will search for one for you. And we can ship it anywhere in the country. If you want to stop by our 40-acre lot, we have a shop where we can install your parts. Whatever you find, our rebuild team will make sure your parts get to you in good shape.

Our customers tell our story best

We help drivers across the country with their parts and other needs. We have helped those who have broken down on the highway, and we serve as a great stop to repair your used or OEM parts on site. Many of our customers thank us for our supreme customer service with five-star reviews, such as these: 

“Great service at the desk; all our concerns were answered and the price was right; this will be my store for future needs.” — Delfino Pina

“Awesome people and not out to rip you off.” — Nickolas Hill

“Active Truck Parts is fast. We always call them first because we know we’ll get the parts we need quickly. If they don’t have a part, we rely on them to find it. This saves us a lot of time. We don’t have to keep calling around looking for the parts we need.” — Jeff H.

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