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With the constantly fluctuating fuel prices we see today, it can be hard to rely on controlling fuel costs as a way to maintain your fleet’s overhead. One surefire way we all know to keep your fuel costs as low as possible is to keep fleets running in top condition — but even that is getting more expensive with inflation and the recent parts shortage from which the world continues to recover. You have come to the right place for reliable and reasonably priced fleet and heavy duty truck parts. Call today for parts to come in for your fleet’s regular maintenance: 877-337-8695.

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We have a ready stock of fleet and heavy duty truck parts

With the revolving door of drivers, you know as a fleet manager that you could be dealing with driving behaviors that can damage your trucks – behaviors that you can work to educate your drivers on, but that are ultimately out of your control when they are on the road. Riding the clutch and clutch dumping tend to be behaviors that will harm the cutch in these big trucks. Likewise, we also have parts that you can use for regular replacement of headlines, brake pads, and tires. As a fleet manager, you have likely had to replace a few fleet and heavy duty truck parts, and their expense continues to grow. When you visit Active Truck Parts, whether in person or online, you will have your pick of parts from salvaged trucks from the last 40-plus years. So if you are working to keep your fleets in top condition at reasonable prices, a search for fleet truck parts nearby will help you make them new again with parts we have salvaged from trucks in our yard. 

A good salvage yard like Active Truck Parts helps you find fleet parts online

The premise of salvage or junkyards has never changed. Trucks come in that companies or insurance agencies consider “totaled” and can no longer drive, or are considered too expensive to rehab. But they have perfectly good parts left in them. At Active Truck Parts, we have pulled a lot of these parts already, rebuilt them, and have them meticulously inventoried in our system and on our shelves. You can search for them online through our website, or if you do not have the time to search for fleet and heavy duty truck parts, you can request a specific part for your needs. We have made the salvage yard better by hiring qualified staff to find your parts, remove them without breaking them, and we have staff to rebuild those parts if needed. Our system works because we care about what we put on our shelves when you are looking for fleet parts nearby.

When you shop Active Truck Parts, we understand your financial reality

We also care about the cost it takes to maintain your fleets, whether they are for the Wattenberg Field, or your cross-country fleets, maintaining five to 10 vehicles, let alone one, gets expensive. When gas and parts prices continue to rise, you shouldn’t have to cut back on regular maintenance and gamble with your fleet’s longevity. We will work with you to ensure your costs are reasonable for your needs.

While not saving you on overhead, you can also repair those bumpers, tail lights, and fenders that have been tagged over the years. We can install these fleet and heavy duty truck parts for you in our shop to get your fleet looking better. We have Guardian Heavy Duty parts in our inventory. If you need hoods, bumpers, fenders or grills and more, we have you covered. If we can’t find it in our extensive salvage yard, we’ll find it through our exhaustive network across the country and have it shipped to you.

The best ways to control your fleet’s overall costs

Here are seven effective strategies for fleet managers to manage their fleets’ maintenance and costs:

  1. Implement Preventive Maintenance Programs: Establishing regular maintenance schedules for each vehicle in the fleet helps identify and address issues before they escalate, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and costly repairs. This includes routine inspections, fluid checks, and component replacements of fleet and heavy duty truck parts according to manufacturer recommendations.
  2. Utilize Telematics and Fleet Management Software: Invest in telematics systems and fleet management software to track vehicle performance, monitor fuel consumption, analyze driving behavior, and schedule maintenance tasks efficiently. These technologies provide valuable data insights to optimize fleet operations and minimize downtime.
  3. Train Drivers on Proper Vehicle Maintenance: Educate drivers on the importance of vehicle care and safe driving practices to extend the lifespan of fleet assets. Encourage them to report any maintenance issues promptly and provide training on basic troubleshooting techniques to address minor issues on the road.
  4. Strategically Source Parts and Services: Partner with reliable suppliers and service providers to negotiate favorable pricing for parts, maintenance services, and repairs. Consider establishing preferred vendor relationships to access discounts and prioritize timely service delivery.
  5. Monitor Fuel Efficiency and Consumption: Implement fuel-efficient driving practices and track fuel consumption across the fleet to identify areas for improvement. Utilize fuel cards with reporting capabilities to monitor fuel purchases and detect anomalies or excessive usage that may indicate inefficient driving habits or mechanical issues.
  6. Optimize Vehicle Lifecycle Management: Develop a comprehensive vehicle replacement strategy based on factors such as mileage, age, maintenance costs, and resale value. Determine the optimal time to retire aging vehicles from the fleet to avoid escalating maintenance expenses and minimize depreciation costs.
  7. Regularly Review and Analyze Maintenance Data: Conduct regular reviews of maintenance records, repair histories, and performance metrics to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement. Use this data-driven approach to refine maintenance strategies, streamline processes, and make informed decisions to optimize fleet efficiency and reduce costs over time.

By implementing these best practices and finding the right fleet and heavy duty truck parts, fleet managers can proactively manage maintenance activities, control costs, and ensure the reliability and longevity of their semi-truck fleets.

Read some of our five-star reviews from satisfied customers

We haven’t come this far without satisfying our customers in need of fleet and heavy duty truck parts. And today, many customers thank us by giving us five-star reviews such as these:

“This is my go-to place. It has changed from the last time I was here but the folks are always accommodating.. they have also added more products in the showroom to help out the oil field folks I will always come back.” — Gary Sandquist

“Don’t judge the book by its cover — the outside front of the place looks like a salvage yard. On the inside it’s neatly arranged, there is variety, they have new items, the price was very good for the part I needed. Overall worth the trip.” — RKB Kelly

“Great parts place for big trucks! They’ve been in business there 42 years. Very friendly staff, Ryan was very helpful getting the right parts I needed and Lou was great to wheel with at the front desk. I definitely recommend for any big truck parts you may need!” — Joshua Benjamin

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Active Truck Parts is conveniently located three miles north of Hudson off of Interstate 76 and east of Platteville off of U.S. 85 in Northern Colorado. We are only 37 minutes from Denver. Situated on 40 acres, we have the region’s largest inventory of used parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks. We sell and recycle used and new medium and heavy-duty truck parts, and we also sell used vehicles and equipment, make general and major repairs, make truck modifications and fabrication, install truck equipment and stock thousands of aftermarket parts. We deal in KW, Pete, Freightliner, Volvo, Ford, GM, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Mack, Sterling, and more! We ship our used heavy truck parts anywhere in the world. We’ve been getting our customers back on the road for 40 years. Call today: 877-337-8695.