Grille Guard Bumpers

Custom Built, Best Quality, Very Competitive Price!

Custom fabricated, great workmanship. Mounts right to your current bumper brakcets.

2″ Pipe. If you would like more options, call us at 877-337-8695 to get your custom built bumper.

Truck Defender Protect Your Investment – at the lowest cost

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Semi Bumpers*

Description Price
Semi Bumper – 2″ Pipe $2,901.80
Semi Bumper – 3″ Pipe $3,199.40
Boxed Uprights – 2″ Pipes $3,214.50
Boxed Uprights – 3″ Pipes $3,511.90

Call to hear about more options available for each bumper!

Pickup Bumpers*

Description Price
Mid-size Pickup & SUV Bumper $1,879.25
Full Size Pickup Bumper $1,979.25
Foreman (Boxed Uprights) $2,224.70
4 Post with Trip Bar $2,649.00
Chevy Surburban $3,073.00
Bumper w/o pipes $1,598.00

“We are proud to introduce your company to what we feel is the finest animal collision protection on the market”

Advantages over competition

Six Times Stronger

More flexible: will want to return to formed shape under minor impacts.
Bends are located to optimize strength.
1800 PSI compared to 300 PSI.
Pickups: 1/4″ pipe
Semi: 3/8″ pipe
Both size pipes formed Marine Grade Aluminum

Semi-Custom Manufacturing

Formed bumper to flow with the vehicle’s body
Keep initial purchase cost at lowest price with 3 finishes (Polished, Black Powder Coat, and Brushed)
Standard Bumper (4 Post I-beam Upright Construction)
Forman Bumper (4 Post Boxed Upright Construction)

Boxed Mounting System with Corner Gussets

Provides Maximum right and left ear protection
Strength of headlight pipe through the body and not relying on a weld

Light Weight

Pickup: 100-125lbs
Semi: 300-500lbs

And More!

Use the widest hitch system on the market with bearing hinge points (excellent right and left ear strength) Polished to #8 Mirror Finish

*Prices are subject to change due to the ever-changing price of steel and aluminum. Each bumper comes with a number of options and there are more bumper types than mentioned here. Please call if you would like to hear all types available, and with all options needed (tow hook holes, fog light holes, price. Shipping & handling is additional, and available in the USA. Rates are dependent upon destination.
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